First Get It Down, Then Get It Right


Even for the best writers, it is rarely the case that they will get what they want to write right first time. So if you are tasked with copywriting for your marketing materials and you know it really needs to pack a punch, don’t be down-hearted if the copy isn’t flowing easily. You might have lots of ideas flowing round in your mind, but it can be a common mistake to waste time trying to get the wording or phrasing exactly right for your opening line. It is all too easy to forget those great ideas while you struggle over a few words. Don’t worry about what order your ideas come in — just get them written down and you can go back later to craft them into the right order and structure. Start with a brain dump of all the ideas you think are relevant for content, regardless of how poorly formed they are at this stage. Make a note of any market messages that you should be using and consider what medium the content is going to be used for. Web copy, sales brochures and adverts all need very different styles if they are going to have the right impact. If your copy is being added to a body of content already in use, then make sure you familiarise yourself with the style and voice. It can be hard starting with a blank page and attempting to get to the perfect final document when you are writing in isolation. So don’t. Always get a second pair of eyes to review your work. You can either do this at first-draft stage to check you are heading along the right lines, or you can submit what you might feel is the best you can do. Whichever approach you take, don’t be disappointed to get comments, corrections or suggestions back. This is exactly what you need to get you to the final piece. You will soon see if you return the favour that it is much easier to improve on someone else’s work than it is to start with a blank page and create new copy. You will also need a second pair of eyes for proofreading, as you may find it difficult to proof your own work. Because you have written it yourself, you already know the content so your brain will read what it expects to see and not always what is actually there. This makes it difficult to spot mistakes. When there is no one to proofread for you, you could try reading your content backwards as this is an easier way to spot technical errors and typos. If you haven’t got the right talent to effectively manage your copywriting requirements in house, then it might be time to think about hiring in specific resource. Good marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry will be able to find you the ideal candidates for your vacancy. Whether you need an individual who specialises purely in copywriting or someone who has this amongst their skills but who can also turn their hand to other marketing tasks, marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry will find the right fit for you.