Feedback Is Always Good


When it comes to marketing your business, gathering feedback is always a good idea. Even when feedback isn’t good, it can be an invaluable way to identify areas for improvement, which in the long run is better for your service delivery and therefore better for your quality of offer. This is ultimately better for your market image. Feedback questionnaires can be easily located at any service outlet or can be included in the packaging or delivery of products where there is no on-site option. If you need feedback that isn’t linked to a specific purchase period, then the process could warrant a direct mail campaign, depending on the spread of your customer base. When the feedback comes in and it is good, this is excellent news for your business and your further marketing potential. Hearing positive things about a product or service from users is the next best thing to getting a personal recommendation. If you are able to poll a specific amount of people and gather enough returns, you will be able to convert your findings into percentages, which can be very effective in advertising and promotion — for example, 99% of service users said they would recommend us to a friend. Just make sure you have the correct sample size to be able to qualify your results and claims. When designing you feedback questionnaire, think about the questions you really want answering and try to be specific — rather than ask if the customer was generally happy with their purchase, ask if the item did the job it claimed to do. If it is a cheaper product, ask if it performed just as well or even better than more expensive alternatives. If it's managed in an organised and efficient way, you can quickly amass hundreds of accolades which can be a much better boost to your business profile than solitary case studies. Case studies are essential for any suite of marketing literature, but they can be time-consuming to produce and you’ll need to generate a good number of them to avoid them looking like ‘one-offs’. If your feedback questionnaire is not an on-site completion, then you may need to incentivise the return of forms with a date-dependent special offer or competition. Give your customers long enough to complete and return them, but don’t let the process drag on too long or you might miss the boat in terms of the impact you can make with the results. Be careful not to incentivise the return of questionnaires in such a way that encourages the respondents to fabricate the positive nature of their comments. You want honest feedback. Gathering customer feedback is just one of the many and varied tasks you might get involved in when working in marketing. If this sounds like the sort of thing you excel at, then visit marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire to find out what opportunities might be available. When you have used the service, you may find that marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire are seeking feedback from the candidates they see, so make sure you complete a form. Don’t worry — they are usually anonymous.