Does Where You Work Matter?


When deciding upon a choice of job, people have all sorts of reasons for saying yes or no to offers. Priorities in terms of what are the most important deciding factors can be poles apart from one person to the next. For some it will be the nature of the job and how that fits with career ambitions, while for others it will be purely about the money. For many, however, location can be a big deciding factor. Just as location is an important part of where we choose to live, it can also be just as important a part of why we choose where to work. Where we work can be important in a variety of ways. The proximity to our homes can be important if we don’t have the time for long commutes. Closeness to home can also be vital for people with children if they need the convenience to enable them to do school runs. The availability of public transport if we don’t drive is another real practical consideration which can determine the geographical locations we can realistically agree to work from. However, there is also the issue of how we feel about the area we go to work in. Whether you are affected by your environment or not, there can be no denying that it will feel very different to drive into a concrete industrial jungle every morning than it would to drive out to a leafy country retreat. So you may find that your job searches focus on areas that you would like to work in, although you can reduce your opportunities if you focus on too small an area. Keeping with the idea of our working environment, the same can be said of how we feel about the offices or buildings that we work in. Any space can be made into a great working environment, but the extent to which a company will invest in such matters can speak volumes about their employee engagement priorities. Of course, none of this really matters if you are not bothered by your internal or external working environments. But if this is important to you, then you need to check out work premises and weigh up the pros and cons alongside the other deciding factors for a job before you accept. When you know which career you want to specialise in, you can save a lot of time job searching by registering with a specialist recruitment agent such as marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire if sales, marketing or PR are your areas of expertise. When you register with marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire, you can specify the key things you are looking for in a job. Even when registering on generic employment websites you can do this, although the tick-box computerised approach won’t always be discerning about which combination of keywords it will match you to jobs with. At least when dealing with a specialist agency you can be very clear with them about what are show stoppers and what are the must-haves.