What candidates don’t like about recruiters

The recruitment industry has taken some flack over the years, with bad practice from some recruiters tarnishing the industry for some candidates. Below are some of the common complaints we’ve heard from unhappy candidates about other recruitment agencies.

  • The job isn’t suitable to them

There’s nothing worse than taking a call from a recruiter about a great opportunity, hearing all about the role and the company to then find out the role is actually offering less than your current salary or is a lower position than you are currently in. A lack of relevance shows the recruiter most likely hasn’t actually took the time to properly read through your CV and experiences. It may also be a sign that the recruiter doesn’t actually know a lot about the industry they are recruiting for.

  • Ring you about a job never hear off them again

So you’ve been contacted by a recruiter about a new role, expressed your interest and sent over your CV to be put forward for consideration only to never hear off them again. Unfortunately some recruiter’s signup candidates regarding a ‘job role’ merely to build up their candidate database and never actually had a suitable role in the first place.

  • Go to an interview don’t get feedback

There’s nothing worse than going to an interview giving it your all and then not hearing anything for weeks or even worse not hearing from the recruiter again. Preparing for this interview will have taken time and effort on your part and you may have even had to schedule time off work. Not hearing from your recruiter after an interview is seriously unprofessional and as a result a candidate is unlikely to want to work with that agency again.

  • They don’t offer any advice

A good recruiter will help you prepare for your interview, giving you helpful tips to give you that edge over other candidates and hopefully secure you a job offer. However some recruiters will simply send you on your way with an address, which isn’t helpful to anyone. A recruiter and a candidate should be on the same team, after all you both want the same thing – for you to get the job!

At ESA we are aware of the negative reputation that recruitment can have due to incidents like the above which is why we strive to provide both our client and candidates an excellent customer service experience. Our consultants are specialists in their field and take the time to learn about the nuisances of their industry to ensure candidates are only contacted about roles which are suitable to them and their skills.

ESA Group make sure you are updated throughout your candidate journey and even if we don’t have a role suitable for you at the time we ensure we stay in touch with you and keep you up to date on any industry developments.

We believe candidates are more than just a voice at the end of the phone and as a company we endeavour to meet all our candidates to find out their skills, experiences and future career aspirations to ensure we find the right role for them.

To find out more about how ESA Group can help you with your job search you can read here, or alternatively give us a call on 0121 210 5100.