The benefits of interim employment

Interim or fixed term contracts are a popular option for both professionals and organisations, and are a great option for those who may find themselves on the market due to reasons such as redundancy and are now immediately available for work. In this post we look at the benefits of interim contracts as both an employment option and for organisations.

Benefits of hiring interim contractors

  • Hire for a specialist project

You may find that your organisation doesn’t need to make a permanent new hire but require someone with a specialised skill set to carry out work that your current workforce may not be qualified to do.

  • Immediately available

The majority of interim professionals are immediately available, which means if you find yourself in a position where a role urgently needs filling you can make a quick temporary hire whilst you look for a candidate to permanently fill the role.

  • Immediate results

Unlike permanent employees who need time to settle into their new role, interim professionals are able to hit the ground running quickly and businesses are able to see quick results. Benefits of working interim contracts

Benefits of working interim contracts

  • Temporary roles may lead to full time employment offers

If you make a good impression within your time there you may find that this could lead to an offer of full time employment. Even if this isn’t the case, you may find you are contacted if a suitable position arises as they will already know your skill set and you are already familiar with the organisation.

  • Flexibility to take time out between contracts

One of the unique benefits of interim work is that it allows you the flexibility to take time out between contracts. This is ideal if you have personal commitments or even if you want to take time out for that dream trip!

  • Each new organisation will bring further experience to your CV

Interim work provides the opportunity to work within a variety of different organizations allowing you to gain a wide range of experience within a shorter amount of time.

  • Make a positive change within the company

Often interim professionals are hired to carry out a specific task during their time with the company, so at the end of your contract you will be able to have examples of the positive impact you have made during your time there.

Beneficial skills for an interim contractor to have

  • Work well under pressure
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hand over proficiency
  • Adaptability

If you are considering interim employment or are on the lookout for interim contract roles then why not register with ESA Group here and one of our experienced consultants will be in contact to help find the right role for you. Alternatively you can email us on or call 0121 210 5100.