How to handle a counter offer

So you’ve accepted a new job role and have just handed in your notice to your boss with your mind fully made up to move on from the company. But then your boss says “It would be a shame to lose you from the team,  we were planning on giving you a raise in the upcoming months, how about we give it you a few months earlier, would that make you reconsider?” Getting counter offered is not uncommon; so what do you do if you find yourself in this position?

Well in this situation its important to weigh up your options, after all there’s a reason why you started to look elsewhere for a job role.

Here are a few points to consider;


Once the news is out there that you have been looking to leave the business you may find that this affects your relationships within the office as your bosses and colleagues could feel that you have been disloyal to the company.  If you decide to stay it may take a while for you to be fully trusted again.


You may be earning more money if you accept your counter offer but unless the issues which caused you to search the job market are directly addressed, then within time you may find that your motivation starts to slip and you’re back at square one.  According to reports 60% of those who accept counter offers end up leaving their roles within 6 months.

Pros and cons

It may sound like obvious but something as simple as writing a pros and cons list comparing you current and new role can really help you work out the best option for you. Ultimately you want to be in a role which holds the most potential for you and will allow room for progression within your career. Remember the reasons you wanted to leave your current role and try not to let any emotional attachment to the organization cloud your judgement.

The Job Market

When considering your counter offer it is important to look at your proposed new salary and compare it to the current job market. If your proposed salary is way higher than other positions currently out there then you may find that this hinders your next career move as your salary won’t truly reflect your value as a candidate.

Handling a counter offer can be a difficult situation and always takes great thought and consideration to ensure you are making the right decision.

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