How to ace your telephone interview

With so many candidates within the job market telephone interviews are now a common practice among organisations as a quick and cost effective means of whittling down candidates to advance onto a face-to-face interview. Below we’ve compiled some top tips for acing your telephone interview.

No distractions

Although you aren’t face to face with your interviewer it is important to stay engaged throughout the process and ensure there is nothing around you that may distract you from the conversation. Make sure all technology around you such as your TV or laptop is switched off. It’s also best to ensure any friends or family are out of the room.

Research the company

Just as you would with any interview researching the company is vital pre-interview preparation. The best place to head to is the company website as it will have all the background information required and also any other news and future plans they may have as a business. Information like this can help set you apart from other candidates.

Have your CV to hand

When taking part in a phone interview it is always best to have your CV printed out beside you. Although your interviewer will most likely have a copy with them, it is always best to have your CV to hand ready to refer to when asked questions about your experience.

 Be professional

This one should really go without saying but you should always maintain your professionalism throughout your conversation as you would with a face-to face interview. Make sure the conversation gets off to a good start by answering the phone in a professional manner. “Good morning, John Smith speaking”, is a good way to answer. As the interviewer can’t see your face it is  also important that your voice reflects your enthusiasm for the role.

Take notes

Taking notes throughout the conversation will help you flag any questions you may want to ask the interviewer. It may also be useful to take note of any questions and your responses that you can refer to if you proceed to the next round of interviews.

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