Are Your Emails Relevant, Responsive and Readable?


Emails are still a popular form of customer contact, but if you are still churning out the same old ones it’s time to think again. You especially need to revisit your approach if you are seeing numbers fall off your data lists. Emails can be ideal vehicles for snappy updates or summary newsletters, but if your focus is wrong or your content is unreadable then recipients will turn away in their droves. In today’s busy world many people will view their emails when they have a spare minute, which is often when they are on the move. This invariably means that they are viewing emails on a device which does not have the full display screen of a desktop computer or laptop. However, it would be a mistake to assume that all your customers are using a hand-held device. Not everyone has a smartphone and if you treat all your contacts as though they have, you will start to lose previously loyal customers. If you have ever opened an email on your phone and been faced with just a web link where it should be showing onscreen content, you will know it is worse than not getting the email at all. It is like venturing to answer the phone only to find the person at the other end has hung up — it is an annoyance and a frustration. To avoid irritating your contacts, you need to invest in making your email communications suitable for as many hand-held devices as possible. In short, if you want your content to be read, it has to be visible. Once you’re sure your content will be readable, you need to make sure it is relevant. Content really is king, so where possible you need to be tailoring your content to your ideal customers. You need to make sure they stay engaged with you, and to do this you need to keep appealing to their interests or delivering something they want. To remain relevant you need to know your customers. If you don’t know their likes, dislikes and engagement behaviours, then you won’t know how to tailor your content to make it relevant to them. To keep your e-communications top-notch, you need great skills across CRM, data analysis, market intelligence, copywriting, e-comms, responsive design and e-campaign management. Whatever skills are missing from your team, marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry can plug the gap. Whether you want to try out temporary positions or move straight to permanent, marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry can help.