Are You a Good Advert for Your Company?


As a sales professional, you may be one of the first experiences that a potential client has of your company. Whether you like it or not, your approach, behaviour and style can all be taken as an indication of what your company is like to do business with, and not just what you are like as an individual professional. We’ve all heard that first impressions last, so as a sales professional your job is doubly important as your first impressions are of you and of your company. Smart attire, a firm handshake and good eye contact are all important. They can fill your prospect with confidence in you and put them at their ease, or you can unintentionally unsettle them and put them on the defensive. A weak handshake may indicate that you are not 100% confident about what you are about to present, and that uncertainty can transmit to the client and they may wonder what it is you are trying to hide. If you arrive late, dishevelled and displaying no sense of organisation, then you can’t blame the client for thinking this is how the company processes will play out too, which is not an enticing prospect. In a company with a strong brand engagement programme, all members of staff should be ambassadors of the brand, but it is most likely that it is the sales staff that will have the most impact. Front-line customer services sales staff or field sales representatives both have an equally important role to play. Sales professionals who have received a thorough induction into their company or who have grown with it with good internal support structures will be able to present the company brand as well as their individual professionalism during all their business activities. Presenting your company brand does not mean displaying the company logo, although in many situations this will also be appropriate. Presenting a brand for staff means living and breathing the brand values and behaviours through everything they do. Sincerity will be easily achieved if a sales person truly believes in what they are selling. Belief is achieved by engendering a sense of purpose and belonging into all staff, ensuring that they all feel part of the brand and understand the importance of the role they each play. Good sales recruitment agencies in Coventry will always be looking out for well-presented professionals with excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly establish a rapport to help fill their sales vacancies. The added bonus of registering with one of the sales recruitment agencies in Coventry is that you will need to go through their vetting process first before being put in front of employers. By taking this approach, you can get the agents to provide feedback on how you present yourself and how you come across at the first meeting. You can ask them to point out any areas you could work to improve on. This way, you can perfect your approach and be sure that you are making the best first impression possible when you are in front of the real clients.