Advancing Your Marketing Career Might Bring Unexpected Responsibilities


So you have done your time in administrative and supporting marketing roles, and you have thoroughly learned your craft. Now you feel it is time to move into a position where you get to make decisions and help drive the marketing strategy forward. The prospect of taking on more marketing responsibility and playing a part in decision making can be an exciting time. But before you head along this road of career progression, take some time to consider what it will involve and what jobs will be right for you. Moving from supporting or delivery roles into management can bring with it a whole host of personnel-related responsibilities if your step up the career ladder involves line management. Responsibilities could involve standard HR issues and processes which are not specific to your industry and which might demand skills and competencies you have yet to use or learn in your current job. As a line manager you can be expected to manage performance, attendance, sickness, disciplinary and capability processes as well as managing recruitment to your area or team. While most companies will offer some HR support in these areas, it is wise to find out to what degree you will be responsible for the day-to-day aspects of these processes. If you are to be wholly responsible and you are looking for promotion within a company, then you should expect training. But whether you are trained or not, you will soon learn whether these aspects of work are for you or if they detract too much from doing the marketing job you love. If line management isn’t for you, then read job descriptions and role responsibilities closely before considering an application. When job searching with the help of marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton, make sure the agency knows what you want and do not want to do. All is not lost, as there will be management level jobs which have no line management responsibilities and where you are responsible for managing and delivering a discrete area of work about which you make the decisions. Let marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton know what you are keen to specialise in to help aid the search for your perfect job. Other options for avoiding personnel management while still progressing to more responsible marketing positions might involve moving from in-house to agency marketing work, where you will deal with clients rather than staff and get to focus your skills on developing strategies and campaigns. Or you could set yourself up as a marketing consultant. This is a very big decision to make and not one for the faint-hearted. As well as some kind of financial backing or security to carry you through the build-up of your business, you will also need to make sure you have had sufficient experience and qualifications to present a credible option to clients. You may find that you have to do your stint in the in-house management roles to get the right level of experience under your belt before heading down this route.