A Little More Learning to Get Ahead


Sometimes no matter what your experience or achievements at work are, you might keep coming second to another candidate in a recruitment process because you haven't got the same training or qualifications as they have. Very often employers will look for experience over qualifications, but sometimes it can require a mixture of the two to secure that ideal job. If you want to make the move up the career ladder but you don't have the qualifications, then it's time to look at some training or education opportunities for yourself if there are no training routes open to you in your current job. There are hundreds of different training courses you can take, ranging from half-day workshops to longer-term study courses, so you need to decide how much time you can commit to studying and what courses or programmes will fit well around your hours of work. Some courses you will be able to do remotely, while with others you will need to attend a class or training centre. There are many examples of marketing-related training courses available to boost the weaker aspects of your skills and experience. You may need to work on your copywriting skills if you want to focus on direct mail marketing or producing marketing literature. You may need to get to grips with the latest possibilities that have opened up with social media, or you may need media training if you want to focus your career towards PR. Decide where you want your career path to go and see what the most regular vacancy opportunities are with your local marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton to make sure you are choosing something that has real opportunities. It might not be specific marketing qualifications that you need to set you apart from your peers. Marketing has many aspects, from strategy development and budget planning to implementation planning or communications co-ordination, amongst other elements. So you could benefit from gaining more general qualifications to boost your career, such as business management, finance, or project management. Speak to marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton to see what are the most popular qualifications or examples of training courses that can boost your career. As well as giving you the extra qualifications that you need, setting about improving your skills will also mark you out as a self-starter who can assess what is required of a situation and seek out the means to address it. This use of initiative is something all employers will be pleased to see in applicants for their jobs, so make sure you don't hide this in your application. If you were never a fan of learning or exams when you were at school, don't let that put you off. Remember that as a teenager it could be difficult to see the point of essays and tests and you might have developed a phobia about the exam situation. To get past this fear, you just need to alter your mindset and focus on the very real benefits that applying yourself to learning again can bring. Being able to see the point and wanting to learn is more than half the battle won.