83% of UK HR executives are open to re-hiring former employees

Research carried out by Robert Half shows that 83% of those asked would be open to hiring former employees otherwise known as boomerang employees, showing an increase from those asked three years ago. Only 7% of those participating said they would not consider hiring a boomerang employee, which shows that for those wanting to return to previous employers it is still very much a possibility. Positively the research also showed that 36% of HR Directors have successfully rehired former employees, while only 25% of HR Executives said they had hired a boomerang employee but wouldn’t do it again.

Almost half of those asked (49%), from larger companies said that they have successfully hired former employees. Interestingly there was a contrast in response between those from smaller and larger organisations, with only 4% of HR Directors in larger companies said they wouldn’t hire a former employee compared to 12% of HR Directors in smaller companies.

The research also looked at the most influential factors organisations looked at when rehiring former employees. These were;

  • A successful track record – 60%
  • Their fit into the corporate culture – 40%

Another factor that played an influential role for HR Directors was the reduced on-boarding costs of hiring a former employee, with 36% saying this was another point to consider.

As a result of ongoing skills shortages hiring managers are now looking to engage with former employees who have moved, built upon their skillset and are now returning to the business in a more senior level position.

However when considering hiring a former employee it is important to consider the following points;

  • Is the returning employee the best candidate for the role?

Although you and your team may already have a great working relationship with your former employee it is important that you look at their skill set alongside the other candidates in the process. It is important that the boomerang employee brings with them the new skills and experiences they have gained since leaving and adds value to the organisation.

  • Why did they originally leave the company?

It is important to understand why your former employee decided to leave the business as it can help you understand their expectations moving forward.