5 Alternative CV's

Last week graduate Sumukh Mehta hit the headlines for his stand out CV which landed him an internship with GQ magazine without even having to go to an interview. In recent years alternative style CV’s have become increasingly popular with applicants across the globe determined to make themselves stand out in the job market.  With everything from YouTube videos, board games and milk cartons being used by candidates to gain that competitive edge we’ve compiled our five favourite alternative CV’s below.

Robby Leonardi

Rob Leonardi CV Game

Web designer Robby Leonardi designed this Super Mario style video game in order to get himself and his work out there to potential employers. As the ‘player’ of the game you are taken through Robby’s experiences, skills and examples of his work. You can play the full game yourself here.

Sumukh Mehta


Sumukh Mehta created a 20 page replica GQ magazine complete with stories about his life, work experience and education. The CV took 3 weeks to make with Sumukh carrying out all the graphic design, photography and content writing. The CV was sent to GQ offices in London, New York and Mumbai and Sumkh was subsequently offered an internship at British GQ without even having to go through an interview.

María Ortiz


Marketer María Ortiz created using her CV using online presentation programme Prezi. María wanted to create something visual which would keep potential employers reading and wanting to know more.

Her goal was to create a CV that “captured the reader’s attention and curiosity, tell her story and who she is and where she’s come from. María’s CV includes comments from friends and ex colleagues to help give a glimpse into her personality as well as her professional experience.

Miguel Rato


Miguel Rato came up with the idea to produce a “creative lunch box” in order to make himself stand out from the crowd and secure his dream role at Wieden & Kennedy. Since creating his milk box CV Miguel has worked with some big industry names such as Google.

Melissa Washin 

resume sewing

Graphic Designer Melissa Washin wanted to put across her passion for sewing to potential employers and as a result created these fabric CV’s.

Melissa printed her information onto iron on paper which she then transferred onto white fabric and then sewed into patterned fabrics. The effort paid off with Melissa being offered the very first job she applied for out of college!

What do you think of these alternative style CV’s, are they just a flash in the pan or a great way to ensure you stand out from other candidates in the market?

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