19th-Century Marketing Principles Still Lead the Way


Given the huge advances in technology and the large proportion of marketing activity now taking place online, it could be easy to forget that we are still driven by marketing principles that were articulated by eminent economists in the 19th century. The economist and political philosopher Adam Smith wrote a witty step-by-step illustration of how advertising really works and it’s all based on the need for repetition and frequency. The guide to successful advertising illustrates what the viewer of an advertisement thinks each time he sees it and maps out how the thoughts change through 20 viewings with the increasing impact that the same advert has. It starts with the viewer not even noticing the advert but finishes with the same viewer being desperate to get hold of the item as a ‘must buy’. If you have ever run marketing campaigns which included advertising, but you found the adverts to be ineffective, then the first question to ask is whether they were run frequently enough. Advertising can be costly, so it is important to spend that money in a way which will get you the best return on your investment. While it might be appealing to go for the one big splash advert opportunity, this can easily be money down the drain. It would be much more beneficial to run smaller and cheaper advertising options repeatedly to the same target audience in order to secure a positive impact. Researching and planning effective advertising campaigns takes a certain set of skills and experience, and although it can require a large financial investment the returns can be huge. Getting the right staff on board to ensure success is not something you can leave to chance. If you are not experienced at recruiting specific skill sets, you don’t want to get sidetracked by candidates who can talk it up at interview but who then take their foot off the gas the minute they get into the job. By teaming up with marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands, you can be assured that the candidates they source for you have been vetted for suitability before they enter your own recruitment process. Good marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands will have members of staff experienced in different areas of the marketing mix, so they will be able to sift out the best candidates from the simply good ones and advise you on what specific skill sets and levels of experience you should be requiring for the roles you need.